Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, I managed to escape for roughly a decade before I decided that I missed beating up my car with potholes during construction season. I played sports in high school and managed to finagle a championship t-shirt for an adult Rec league volleyball team. I’m also mildly obsessed with my dogs. I tend to get distracted easily, so sometimes I don’t finish things when
When you are not in the studio, where can we find you?
Working at a doggie daycare! Or on the couch with my pups
3 words that describe you?
Sassy, uncensored, hungry
What is the worst sound in the world?
Cardboard rubbing on cardboard
What’s in your fridge right now?
Juices, eggs, leftovers, uhh stuff? I don’t know lol
What famous person would you like to have lunch with?
Ryan Reynolds 
Salty or sweet?
This is a tough one. Let’s just go with sweet ’cause I’m already salty enough lol
If you had 5 days to hit the road by yourself, what direction would you head?
Either West or South
What was the first car you ever owned?
Had to share a ‘92 Toyota Paseo w/my brother in high school. Had a ‘95 Nissan Maxima throughout college
Favorite app on your smartphone?
Favorite or most used? Lol I have a bajillion apps on my phone. Messages & Facebook being the most used ones, I’m guessing?
Favorite sport to watch?
Pretty much all of them