Sunday Mornings, 7am-Noon with Mimi. Mainly acoustic. Comfortably eclectic.

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Blue Moon Café Weekly Playlists

  • August 6, 2017

    CS&N                      Dark Star                                                
    James Taylor              Shower The People                                        
    Amos Lee                  Simple Things                                            
    Bob Dylan                 Buckets Of Rain                                          
    Bonnie Raitt & Friends    The End of the Innocence-LIVE                            
    Aztec Two-Step            Rabbit In The Moon                                       
    John Hiatt                The Tiki Bar Is Open                                     
    Bruce Springsteen         Working On A Dream                                       
    Jerry Garcia              Deal                                                     
    Eric Clapton              Running on Faith-unplugged                               
    Steve Goodman             Yellow Coat                                              
    Dan Fogelberg             Nether Lands
    Van Morrison              Caravan                                                  
    Dusty Pascal              Home                                                     
    Jimmy Buffett             Beach House On The Moon                                  
    Bruce Hornsby & The Range Look Out Any Window                                      
    Tracy Chapman             Talkin’ Bout A Revolution                                
    James Taylor              Another Day                                              
    Gov’t Mule                Sarah, Surrender                                         
    David Gray                You’re The World to Me                                   
    Mumford & Sons            The Boxer                                                
    Mark Knopfler             Our Shangri-La                                           
    Bob Seger                 California Stars                                         
    Arlo Guthrie              City Of New Orleans
    The Band                  Up On Cripple Creek                                      
    JJ Cale                   Call Me The Breeze                                       
    Keb Mo                    Tell Everybody I Know                                    
    Bob Dylan                 Simple Twist Of Fate                                     
    Grateful Dead             Sugar Magnolia-LIVE                                      
    Jackson Browne            Love Needs A Heart                                       
    CS&N                      Wooden Ships                                             
    The Jayhawks              She Walks in So Many Ways                                
    Gregg Allman              My Only True Friend                                      
    Jimmy Buffett             We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us                  
    Cat Stevens               Bitterblue                                               
    Jonathan Edwards          Emma                                                     
    James Taylor              September Grass
    Eagles                    No More Walks in the Woods                               
    Three Dog Night           Out in the Country                                       
    Bonnie Raitt              Love Has No Pride                                        
    Aztec Two-Step            The Persecution and Restoration of Dean                  
    The Wallflowers           One Headlight                                            
    Jack Johnson              If I Could                                               
    Thomas Wynn & The Believe I Don’t Regret                                           
    Gordon Lightfoot          Canadian Railroad Trilogy                                
    John Prine                Taking A Walk                                            
    Bob Dylan                 Ballad Of A Thin Man                                     
    Dave Matthews             So Much to Say ACOUSTIC
    Van Morrison              She Gives Me Religion                                    
    Joni Mitchell             My Secret Place                                          
    Robbie Robertson          Go Back to Your Woods                                    
    Tom Dean w Aztec Two-Step A Day in the Life                                        
    Avett Brothers            True Sadness                                             
    Steely Dan                Doctor Wu                                                
    Ryan Adams                To Be Without You                                        
    Bruce Hornsby & The Range The Way It Is                                            
    Bonnie Raitt              I Knew                                                   
    Jackson Browne            My Stunning Mystery Companion-ACOUSTIC                   
    James Taylor              Blossom                                                  
    Indigo Girls              Closer To Fine-ACOUSTIC                                  

  • August 13, 2017

    Tom Petty                 Have Love Will Travel                                    
    Van Morrison              Enlightenment                                            
    Jimmy Buffett             Stars on the Water                                       
    Tracy Chapman             The Promise                                              
    Bob Weir                  Only A River                                             
    John Prine                Speed of the Sound of Loneliness LIVE                    
    Don Henley                For My Wedding                                           
    Jack Johnson              Better Together                                          
    Paul Simon                Mother And Child Reunion                                 
    Joni Mitchell             How Do You Stop?                                         
    Cat Stevens               On The Road To Findout                                   
    Robbie Robertson          Somewhere Down The Crazy River                           
    James Taylor              Lo And Behold  
    Neil Young                Harvest Moon                                             
    Bruce Springsteen         Thunder Road-ACOUSTIC                                    
    Aztec Two-Step            Living In America                                        
    Stevie Ray Vaughan        Life By The Drop                                         
    Shawn Mullins             Cold Black Heart                                         
    Bob Dylan                 Love Sick                                                
    Bonnie Raitt              Gypsy In Me                                              
    Billy Joel                New York State Of Mind                                   
    Karen Savoca              On The River Road                                        
    Amos Lee                  Black River                                              
    Grateful Dead             Cumberland Blues                                         
    John Fogerty              Mystic Highway
    Tracy Chapman & Bb King   The Thrill Is Gone                                       
    Van Morrison              The Beauty of Days Gone By                               
    Carole King               Child Of Mine                                            
    Eagles                    I Can’t Tell You Why                                     
    Mark Knopfler             The Trawlerman                                           
    Joni Mitchell             Cactus Tree                                              
    Tom Petty                 Square One                                               
    Nanci Griffith            These Days In An Open Book                               
    John Prine                Color of the Blues                                       
    Elton John                Madman Across The Water                                  
    Crosby & Nash             I Surrender                                              
    Bonnie Raitt              I Will Not Be Broken                                     
    Crowded House             Don’t Dream It’s Over
    Warren Haynes             Beautifully Broken                                       
    The Jayhawks              Settled Down Like Rain                                   
    Jackson Browne            Fountain Of Sorrow                                       
    Shawn Mullins             The Gulf of Mexico                                       
    Cat Stevens               Longer Boats                                             
    James Taylor              October Road                                             
    Steely Dan                Green Earrings                                           
    Tracy Chapman             At This Point In My Life                                 
    Jamestown Revival         Poor Man’s Gold                                          
    Van Morrison              Bright Side Of The Road                                  
    Bruce Springsteen         We Take Care of Our Own                                  
    Carly Simon               Anticipation  
    Graham Nash               Chicago/We Can Change The World                          
    Bob Dylan                 Series Of Dreams                                         
    Paul Simon                Graceland                                                
    Aztec Two-Step            Days of Horses                                           
    Jack Johnson              Fragments                                                
    Neil Young                Train of Love                                            
    Amos Lee                  Wait Up for Me                                           
    Dave Matthews             Crash Into Me ACOUSTIC                                   
    John Mellencamp           Easy Target                                              
    John Prine                Illegal Smile                                            
    Jimmy Buffett             Banana Republics                                         
    Fleetwood Mac             Bare Trees                                               

  • July 30, 2017

    Van Morrison              Saint Dominic’s Preview                                  
    Rickie Lee Jones          We Belong Together                                       
    Paul Simon                Cool Cool River                                          
    Jimmy Buffett             Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitud                 
    The Band                  (I Don’t Want to) Hang Up My Rock and Ro                 
    Bruce Cockburn            Wondering Where The Lions Are                            
    Mumford & Sons            I Will Wait                                              
    Orleans                   Time Passes On                                           
    Thomas Wynn & The Believe Feel the Good                                            
    John Prine                That’s the Way the World Goes Round                      
    Ben Harper                Steal My Kisses                                          
    Gregg Allman              Rain
    Eric Clapton              Before You Accuse Me-unplugged                           
    Dan Fogelberg             As The Raven Flies                                       
    Bob Dylan                 Visions Of Johanna                                       
    CS&N                      Anything At All                                          
    Jerry Garcia              Sugaree                                                  
    Mark Knopfler & Emmylou H This Is Us                                               
    Cat Stevens               Where Do The Children Play?                              
    John Hiatt                ACOUSTIC-Buffalo River Home                              
    Steely Dan                Pretzel Logic                                            
    Joni Mitchell             All I Want                                               
    Shawn Mullins             Blue As You
    Tom Petty                 No Reason to Cry                                         
    Van Morrison              Philosopher’s Stone                                      
    Bonnie Raitt              Love Me Like A Man                                       
    Randy Newman              Lousiana 1927                                            
    Amos Lee                  With You                                                 
    John Prine                You Got Gold                                             
    Ccr                       As Long As I Can See The Light                           
    Aztec Two-Step            Ballad of Humpty Dumpty…                               
    Mark Knopfler             Long Cool Girl                                           
    Harry Nilsson             Moonbeam Song                                            
    Steve Goodman             Where’s The Party                                        
    Eric Clapton              Call Me The Breeze                                       
    Avett Brothers            Ain’t No Man
    CSN&Y                     Out Of Control                                           
    The Band                  Share Your Love With Me                                  
    Harry Chapin              Star Trippers                                            
    Indigo Girls              Moment of Forgiveness                                    
    Gregg Allman              My Only True Friend                                        
    Van Morrison              I’ve Been Working                                        
    Jackson Browne            Leaving Winslow                                          
    Warren Haynes             Indian Sunset                                            
    Ryan Adams                Do You Still Love Me?                                    
    Tom Petty                 To Find A Friend                                         
    Warren Zevon              Frank And Jesse James                                    
    John Hiatt                Blue Telescope                                           
    Joni Mitchell             Just Like This Train
    Marc Cohn                 True Companion                                           
    Bob Dylan                 You’re A Big Girl Now                                    
    Cat Stevens               Sitting                                                  
    Neil Young                Cowgirl in the Sand LIVE                                 
    Dawes                     Roll with the Punches                                     
    Pousette-Dart Band        What Can I Say                                           
    Eric Clapton & Jj Cale    Who Am I Telling You                                     
    Courage Brothers          Good Friends                                             
    Alison Krauss             River in the Rain                                        
    John Prine                Hello In There                                           
    Fleetwood Mac             Songbird                                                 
    The Jayhawks              I’d Run Away                                             
    Bruce Cockburn            Great Big Love                                           

  • July 23, 2017

    CS&N                      Long Time Gone                                           
    Marc Cohn                 Listening to Levon                                       
    Black Crowes              She Talks To Angels-ACOUSTIC                             
    Bob Dylan                 Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat                                 
    Bonnie Raitt              Undone                                                   
    Jackson Browne            Jamaica Say You Will                                     
    JJ Cale                   Cocaine                                                  
    Fleetwood Mac             Never Going Back Again                                   
    Amos Lee                  Wait Up for Me                                           
    Mark Knopfler             True Love Will Never Fade                                
    Crowded House             Something So Strong                                      
    Joni Mitchell             Hejira                                                   
    Blues Traveler            Hook
    Van Morrison              Into the Mystic Take 11                                  
    Bob Marley                No Woman No Cry                                          
    Paul Simon                Paranoia Blues                                           
    Dusty Pascal              Bury Me Here                                             
    Avett Brothers            Murder In the City                                       
    Jimmy Buffett             The Captain and the Kid                                  
    Don Henley                Take A Picture of This                                   
    Rolling Stones            Wild Horses – ACOUSTIC                                   
    Nick Drake                Cello Song                                               
    Jackson Browne            Sing My Songs To Me/For Everyman                         
    Lyle Lovett               Nobody Knows Me                                          
    Bruce Springsteen         Racing In the Street-ALTERNATE
    Orleans                   Give One Heart                                           
    Cat Stevens(Yusef)        Thinkin ‘Bout You                                        
    Bob Dylan                 Thunder On The Mountain                                  
    James Taylor              Sunny Skies                                              
    Marc Cohn                 The Things We’ve Handed Down                             
    Poco                      Rose Of Cimarron                                         
    Neil Young                World On A String-unplugged                              
    Joni Mitchell             The Circle Game                                          
    Dusty Pascal              Brick and Stone                                          
    Steely Dan                Bad Sneakers                                             
    Levon Helm                When I Go Away
    Tom Petty                 Wildflowers                                              
    Bonnie Raitt              Standing in the Doorway                                  
    Bruce Cockburn            If I Had A Rocket Launcher                               
    Amos Lee                  May I Remind you                                         
    Steve Forbert             Wild As the Wind                                         
    Aztec Two-Step            The Infidel                                              
    Robert Cray               The Same Love that Makes You Laugh                       
    Cat Stevens               Miles From Nowhere                                       
    Dave Matthews Band        Gravedigger-acoustic                                     
    Bob Dylan                 Don’t Think Twice-DEMO                                   
    Eric Clapton              Please Be With Me                                        
    Shawn Mullins             Joy Terrell Brown ACOUSTIC                               
    Gregg Allman              Multi-Colored Lady
    Jimmy Buffett             The Night I Painted the Sky                              
    Van Morrison              Lonely Avenue                                            
    Melissa Etheridge         You Can Sleep While I Drive                              
    CS&N                      Southern Cross                                           
    Jackson Browne            Here                                                     
    Pousette-Dart Band        County Line                                              
    Bonnie Raitt              The Ones We Couldn’t Be                                  
    Gordon Lightfoot          Carefree Highway                                         
    Warren Haynes             Glory Road                                               
    Chris Smither             I Am the Ride                                            
    Bruce Springsteen         Mary’s Place                                             
    Lyle Lovett               You Can’t Resist It                                      
    Joni Mitchell             Court & Spark                                            

Blue Moon Café On Demand

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