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Blue Moon Café Weekly Playlists

  • October 29, 2017

    Mark Knopfler             True Love Will Never Fade                                
    Dave Matthews             So Much to Say ACOUSTIC                                  
    Tom Rush                  Sunshine Sunshine                                        
    Jimmy Buffett             The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beaut                 
    Thomas Wynn & The Believe Wade Waist Deep                                          
    Steely Dan                Haitian Divorce                                          
    Gregg Allman              Multi-Colored Lady                                       
    Dusty Pascal              Home                                                     
    Tom Petty                 Crawling Back to You                                     
    Van Morrison              Philosopher’s Stone                                      
    Tracy Chapman             The Promise                                              
    Bob Dylan                 Not Dark Yet
    Stills-Young Band         Midnight On The Bay                                      
    Simon & Garfunkel         So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright                              
    John Prine                You Mean So Much To Me                                   
    Eagles                    The Last Resort-LIVE                                     
    Harry Chapin              Star Trippers                                            
    Jackson Browne            For Everyman-LIVE                                        
    Bonnie Raitt              Gypsy In Me                                              
    Grace Potter & The Noctur Apologies                                                
    The Band                  Shine A Light                                            
    Aztec Two-Step            Rabbit In The Moon                                       
    Rickie Lee Jones          We Belong Together                                       
    Bruce Cockburn            Southland of the Heart
    Gordon Lightfoot          Cold On The Shoulder                                     
    Joni Mitchell             In France They Kiss on Main Street                       
    Cat Stevens               Bitterblue                                               
    Eric Clapton              Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Ou                 
    Warren Haynes             Gold Dust Woman                                          
    Van Morrison              I’m Not Feeling It Anymore                               
    Fleetwood Mac             Songbird                                                 
    Gregg Allman              One More Try                                             
    Dawes                     Roll with the Punches                                    
    CS&N                      Wooden Ships                                             
    Amos Lee                  What’s Been Going On                                     
    Steve Goodman             My Old Man  
    Marc Cohn                 Turn On Your Radio                                       
    James Taylor              Country Road                                             
    Jackson Browne            Rock Me On The Water                                     
    Shawn Colvin              Sunny Came Home                                          
    Warren Zevon              Knockin’ On Heavens Door                                 
    Bonnie Raitt              Run Like A Thief                                         
    Avett Brothers            Ain’t No Man                                             
    Jonathan Edwards          Everybody Knows Her                                      
    Pousette-Dart Band        Yaicha                                                   
    Jack Johnson              Good People                                              
    Harry Chapin              Story Of A Life                                          
    Cat Stevens               Longer Boats                                             
    Karen Savoca              On The River Road
    Bruce Springsteen         New York City Serenade                                   
    Van Morrison              Down the Road                                            
    John Prine                That’s the Way the World Goes Round                      
    Orleans                   Give One Heart                                           
    Jimmy Buffett             Wings                                                    
    Amos Lee                  Wait Up for Me                                           
    Paul Simon                Graceland – ACOUSTIC                                     
    Don Henley                Take A Picture of This                                   
    Bob Dylan w/TP Heartbreak When the Night Comes Falling                             
    Courage Brothers          Sunday Afternoon                                         
    Eric Clapton              Running on Faith-unplugged                               

  • November 5, 2017

    Neil Young                A Man Needs A Maid                                       
    JJ Cale                   Magnolia                                                 
    Bruce Hornsby & The Range Across the River                                         
    James Taylor              Steamroller                                              
    John Prine                Color of the Blues                                       
    Jackson Browne            Jamaica Say You Will                                     
    Elton John                Blues For My Baby And Me                                 
    Eagles                    Learn To Be Still                                        
    John Mellencamp           Easy Target                                              
    Bonnie Raitt              Love Sneakin’ Up On You                                  
    John Hiatt                Cry Love                                                 
    Amos Lee                  Colors                                                   
    Jack Johnson              No Other Way
    Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris  Beachcombing                                             
    Steely Dan                Babylon Sisters                                          
    Bruce Springsteen         Mary’s Place                                             
    Avett Brothers            Morning Song                                             
    Paul Simon                Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes                       
    Bob Dylan                 Visions Of Johanna                                       
    Ryan Adams                Do You Still Love Me?                                    
    John Mayer                Waiting on the World to Change                           
    Tom Petty                 Room At the Top                                          
    Van Morrison              Brand New Day                                            
    Warren Haynes             A Friend to You  
    Marc Cohn                 I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with Yo                 
    Jackson Browne            Love Needs A Heart                                       
    Indigo Girls              Get Out the Map                                          
    Bonnie Raitt              My First Night Alone Without You                         
    John Hiatt                Let’s Give This Love A Try                               
    Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris This Is Us                                               
    Joni Mitchell             Raised On Robbery                                        
    Cat Stevens               Can’t Keep It In                                         
    Jack Johnson              Fragments                                                
    Jerry Garcia              Sugaree                                                  
    Jimmy Buffett             Barefoot Children                                        
    Bob Dylan                 Meet Me In The Morning                                   
    Carole King & James Taylor I Feel the Earth Move-LIVE
    Neil Young                From Hank To Hendrix                                     
    Gordon Lightfoot          Sundown                                                  
    Steely Dan                Blues Beach                                              
    Amos Lee                  Hello Again                                              
    Billy Joel                Summer Highland Falls                                    
    Van Morrison              Bright Side Of The Road                                  
    John Prine                Who’s Going to Take the Garbage Out                      
    Aztec Two-Step            Living In America                                        
    Tom Petty                 Alright For Now                                          
    Elton John                Friends                                                  
    Eric Clapton & Mark Knopfler Train to Nowhere                                         
    John Hiatt                ACOUSTIC-Buffalo River Home                              
    Joni Mitchell             Morning Morgantown
    Jackson Browne            Fountain Of Sorrow                                       
    Warren Haynes             River’s Gonna Rise                                       
    Cat Stevens               Moonshadow                                               
    James Taylor              The Water Is Wide                                        
    Bruce Cockburn            States I’m In                                            
    CSN&Y                     Country Girl                                             
    Thomas Wynn & The Believers I Don’t Regret                                           
    Mumford & Sons            The Cave ACOUSTIC                                        
    Grateful Dead            Sugar Magnolia                                           
    Steely Dan                The Royal Scam                                           
    U2                        Who’s Going to Ride Your Wild Horses-REM                 
    K.D. Lang                 Helpless                                                 

  • November 12, 2017

    Pousette-Dart Band        What Can I Say                                           
    Paul Simon                Obvious Child                                            
    Bob Dylan                 You’re A Big Girl Now                                    
    Jimmy Buffett             The Night I Painted the Sky                              
    Van Morrison              Too Late                                                 
    Andy Pratt                Avenging Annie                                           
    Avett Brothers            I and Love and You                                       
    Grateful Dead             Eyes of the World                                        
    Gregg Allman              My Only True Friend                                      
    Joni Mitchell             The Hissing of Summer Lawns                              
    Nick Drake                One of These First                                       
    Eric Clapton              Old Love-unplugged                                       
    Rod Stewart               Mandolin WInd
    Crosby & Nash             Blackbird                                                
    Jamestown Revival         California(Cast Iron Soul)                               
    John Prine                Sam Stone                                                
    Robert Plant & Alison Kra Killing the Blues                                        
    Ray Lamontagne            Supernova                                                
    Jackson Browne            Time the Conqueror                                       
    Bonnie Raitt              I Knew                                                   
    John Hiatt                Blue Telescope                                           
    Lyle Lovett               North Dakota                                             
    Steely Dan                Any World(That I’m Welcome To)                           
    Cat Stevens               The Wind                                                 
    Mark Knopfler             Song For Sonny Liston                                    
    Carole King               Smackwater Jack-LIVE
    Tom Petty                 To Find A Friend                                         
    Warren Zevon              Carmelita                                                
    Counting Crows            Rain King-LIVE                                           
    Van Morrison              It Must Be You                                           
    Robert Cray               The Same Love that Makes You Laugh                       
    CSN&Y                     Out Of Control                                           
    Elton John                Amoreena                                                 
    Bruce Hornsby & The Range The End of the Innocence                                 
    John Mellencamp           Early Bird Cafe                                          
    John Prine                Illegal Smile                                            
    Steely Dan                Chain Lightning                                          
    Bruce Springsteen         Streets Of Philadelphia                                  
    The Jayhawks              She Walks in So Many Ways
    Bob Dylan                 Workingman’s Blues #2                                    
    CSN                       Change Partners-LIVE                                     
    Bonnie Raitt              Love Me Like A Man                                       
    Black Crowes              She Talks To Angels-ACOUSTIC                             
    Tracy Chapman             Baby Can I Hold You                                      
    Jimmy Buffett             Delaney Talks To Statues                                 
    Bob Weir                  Only A River                                             
    Don Mclean                Castles In The Air                                       
    Nanci Griffith            Southbound Train                                         
    Jackson Browne            Lives In the Balance-LIVE                                
    James Taylor              September Grass                                          
    David Bromberg            The New Lee Highway Blues
    John Hiatt                Have A Little Faith In Me                                
    Van Morrison              I Forgot That Love Existed                               
    John Prine                Glory of True Love                                       
    Paul Simon                The Boy in the Bubble                                    
    Mark Knopfler             The Trawlerman                                           
    Eric Clapton              Lonely Stranger-unplugged                                
    Graham Nash               Myself At Last                                           
    Little Feat               Sailin Shoes w Emmylou Harris                                  
    Bonnie Raitt              Undone                                                   
    Bob Dylan                 A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall-LIVE                          
    Steve Forbert             Tonight I Feel So Far Away                               
    Fleetwood Mac             Oh Daddy                                                 

  • October 22, 2017

    Neil Young                Dreamin’ Man                                             
    Marc Cohn & Jackson Brown Crazy Love                                               
    Bruce Springsteen         We Take Care of Our Own                                  
    Pousette-Dart Band        I Think I Know                                           
    Bob Weir                  Only A River                                             
    Fleetwood Mac             Bare Trees                                               
    Aztec Two-Step            Stargazers                                               
    John Hiatt                Trudy and Dave                                           
    Bonnie Raitt              Undone                                                   
    Nick Drake                Pink Moon                                                
    Paul Simon                Run That Body Down                                       
    John Prine                All The Way With You                                     
    Little Feat               Willin
    Van Morrison              Into The Mystic                                          
    Cat Stevens               On The Road To Findout                                   
    Bob Dylan                 Sara                                                     
    The Byrds                 You Ain’t Going Nowhere                                  
    Dawes                     How Far We’ve Come                                       
    James Taylor              (I’ve Got To Stop)Thinkin’ Bout That                     
    Warren Haynes             I’ll Be The One                                          
    Bruce Springsteen         Thunder Road-ACOUSTIC                                    
    Powell                    Old Picture Frames                                       
    Gregg Allman              Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More-LIVE                          
    Joni Mitchell             Both Sides Now                                           
    Tracy Chapman             Bridges
    Tom Petty                 No More                                                  
    CSN                       Pre-Road Downs-LIVE                                      
    Aztec Two-Step            Days of Horses                                           
    Jackson Browne            Something Fine                                           
    Jack Johnson              Banana Pancakes                                          
    John Prine                Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody                                     
    The Tragically Hip    Scared                                       
    Tracy Chapman & BB King   The Thrill Is Gone                                       
    Paul Simon                Peace Like A River                                       
    The Wallflowers           One Headlight                                            
    Bruce Cockburn            Child of the Wind                                        
    Jimmy Buffett             Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitude
    Bruce Springsteen         Darkness on the Edge of Town                             
    Amos Lee                  Arms of A Woman                                          
    Van Morrison              Wavelength                                               
    Joan Armatrading          Love And Affection                                       
    Bob Dylan                 Everything Is Broken                                     
    Eric Clapton              Before You Accuse Me-unplugged                           
    Tom Petty                 Angel Dream (No 2)                                       
    Carole King & James Taylor You’ve Got A Friend-LIVE                                 
    Alison Krauss             River in the Rain                                        
    John Prine                Angel From Montgomery                                    
    Jerry Garcia              Deal                                                     
    Little Feat               Champion of the World                                    
    Joni Mitchell             Furry Sings the Blues
    Neil Young                The Needle And The Damage Done                           
    Jackson Browne & Bonnie R Kisses Sweeter Than Wine                                 
    John Mellencamp           Sometimes There’s God                                    
    Pousette-Dart Band        Fall On Me                                               
    Robert Plant              Rainbow                                                  
    Bob Dylan                 Positively 4th Street                                    
    Ryan Adams                To Be Without You                                    
    Elton John                The Captain and The Kid                                  
    Mark Knopfler             Someday

    The Tragically Hip         Courage                             
    Warren Haynes             End of the Line                                          
    Mark Knopfler             Someday                                                  
    Cat Stevens               Tuesday’s Dead                                           
    Bruce Cockburn            Waiting For A Miracle                                    

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