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Remembering Tom Petty

Take a trip through Tom Petty’s life and amazing music in this tribute.

Canine Carnival This Saturday

Something slightly different this week. Rocker and CNY Central Meteorologist Wayne Mahar joins me to talk about the Canine Carnival this Saturday at Jamesville Beach Park. We talk about adopting animals, the heartbreaking scenes from the hurricane-ravaged states and other topics.

Rock Legend David Crosby Joins Me

I talked with the icon about his new album Sky Trails which is out 9/28. We also chat about him and Jimi Hendrix, his friendship with the Beatles and some other cool stuff.

Styx Singer Previews the Amp Show in Syracuse

I spoke with Lawrence Gowan, Styx’s singer and keyboardist about the upcoming Styx/REO/Don Felder show at the Lakeview Amphitheater. Some great conversation about their new album, what they think about fans holding cell phones up to film the band and we even discussed NHL hockey. Styx’s new album “The Mission” is out now.

Styx’s New Album (Part 1)

Styx has released a brand new album called “The Mission.” In this exclusive 3-part special, hear from members of the band and get the inside scoop on the recording of the album. As you get ready to see them with REO Speedwagon and Don Felder at the Lakeview Amphitheater August 19th, listen to the new songs here.

Styx’s New Album (Part 2)

Here’s part 2 of “Inside the Mission,” featuring members of Styx talking about and playing songs from their new album.

Styx’s New Album (Part 3)

Here’s part 3 of “Inside the Mission.”

Boston’s Gary Pihl Talks About the Amp Show

The Hyper Space Tour with Boston & Joan Jett lands at the Lakeview Amphitheater Saturday, 7/29. I spoke with Boston guitarist Gary Pihl about the show, his work with Sammy Hagar, working on the sound for the show with Tom Scholz and other topics. Check it out here.

Foreigner’s Kelly Hansen Talks About the Syracuse Show

If you missed my chat with the Foreigner singer, check it out here. We discuss original singer Lou Gramm and talk about the show in Syracuse at the Lakeview Amp.

Allman Bros Tribute in Syracuse

This Friday at the Westcott Theater, catch Live at the Fillmore – Tribute to the Allman Brothers. They’ve been featured on AXS TV’s “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” show and now they bring the sound of the ABB to Syracuse. I spoke with Lou Maresca, founder of the band, about seeing the original concerts recorded for the Fillmore albums in 1971, his interactions with the Allmans over the years and what to expect from Friday’s show. Check it out.

Styx Singer Speaks

I spoke with Styx singer/keyboardist Lawrence Gowan about the August 19th show in Syracuse at the Lakeview Amp. We also discussed the new Styx album called “The Mission,” which is out 6/16.

Tribute to Gregg Allman

If you missed our one-hour tribute to Gregg Allman on the day he passed away, check it out here. It’s one hour of music and stories. A celebration of the life and music of this rock icon.

Eagles Guitarist Don Felder Talks Syracuse & Hotel California

I spoke with legendary Eagles guitarist (and creator of the Eagles classic “Hotel California”) about the song and his upcoming show with Styx and REO at the Lakeview Amp.

Our Fantasy Local Band

Gomez and I put together our bands featuring famous local artists. Who sings? Who plays guitar? Check out our lineups and let us know if we left anyone out. Also, who is your fantasy rock group of famous Central New Yorkers?

RockTalk & Wrestling with Wayne Mahar

CNY Central Meteorologist Wayne Mahar is a big wrestling fan, as I am. The difference is that he knew wrestlers personally. This week, we re-live some fun 80s moments and talk about the legends he knew. His mom was a fan too! Listen to the whole thing – you’ll love the legendary clips.

Genesis’ Mike Rutherford Speaks!

His new Mike + the Mechanics album “Let Me Fly” is out now and he’ll be touring to support that. He’ll also be playing select dates as Phil Collins’ opening act. Hmm…maybe Genesis could do something for their 50th anniversary? Hear Mike’s response in my exclusive chat here!

Talking Bon Jovi, Triumph & Elton with the Dunes

A good friend and colleague Gary Dunes talks rock with me this week. He’s been a staple in Syracuse radio for decades and has met every major rocker imaginable. Hear some fun stories about a private show with Elton John, meeting Huey Lewis and the News while covered in mud at Weedsport and storming backstage at the War Memorial with Triumph. Rock AND radio junkies will enjoy this one.

Rick Talks with Night Ranger Guitarist Brad Gillis

Their new album is out now and Brad Gillis calls in to talk about it. We discuss their new tour, his playing with Ozzy and who the real “Sister Christian” was.

Galaxy CEO Ed Levine’s Crazy Rock Stories

Not too many people have had more of an impact on rock radio in Central New York than Galaxy Communications CEO Ed Levine. As owner of TK99, K-Rock, Sunny 102 & ESPN Radio he influences the current landscape, but in his previous role as program director in the 70s and 80s, he helped introduce CNY to rockers we now consider household names. He also became friends with many of them. Which rocker stole his car? Which one did he threaten to leave on the side of the road for complaining too much? Which major star trashed his hotel room? Find out here. (Strong language – NSFW)

Rick, Gomez & Lisa’s Top 5 Interviews

This week, it’s a must-hear! Gomez and Lisa are my special guests as we count down our top 5 lists of rock star interviews. We drop tons of famous names and dish plenty of behind-the-scenes dirt on many of your favorite rockers. If you’re a music fan, you won’t want to miss this as you’ll learn a ton.

STYX and REO Talk to TK

On Friday, I spoke with REO Speedwagon singer Kevin Cronin and Styx guitarist James “JY” Young about the United We Rock tour coming to Syracuse August 19th. Hear what they love about Syracuse and some other great tour stories here.

Former Genesis Guitarist Steve Hackett

I spoke with the legendary Steve Hackett who was a member of Genesis during the classic years in the 70s. His playing on everything from “Supper’s Ready” through the amazing A Trick of the Tail and Wind & Wuthering albums always struck me as some of the most enchanting work from any guitarist in rock. Here, he discusses the February 18th show in Ithaca and even tells me which other rock legend suggested that Phil Collins take over as the lead singer of Genesis after Peter Gabriel left!

Bad Company Drummer Talks About His New Album

I talked with legendary Bad Company and Free drummer Simon Kirke. He’ll be releasing a solo album February 10th. In this interview, we discuss that album and some cool Led Zeppelin trivia. How did the near break-up of Led Zeppelin fuel the first Bad Company album? Listen to find out.

Foreigner Singer Speaks!

I spoke with Kelly Hansen, Foreigner’s lead singer about the 40th Anniversary tour that kicks off here in Syracuse July 11th. TK99 PRESENTS “Rock the Amp.” (Also featuring Cheap Trick and Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience) 

Kelly and I talk about the music, his appearance on Food Network’s Chopped and more.

Tribute to Greg Lake

On December 7th, the voice and guitarist of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and King Crimson, Greg Lake passed away after a long fight with cancer. We pay tribute to him here.

Rock Stars Behaving Badly

It’s no secret that young dudes with lots of money and fame can get into trouble pretty easily. Guns N’ Roses prove this point perfectly. In this edition of Rock Talk, hear how they upset Chicago’s lead singer in a restaurant and made Mick Jagger mad on stage.

Duane Allman’s Daughter Talks About His Life

October 29th marked the 45th anniversary of Duane Allman’s tragic death due to injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident. His daughter has worked tirelessly on a book and a comprehensive box set of his life’s work with the Allman Brothers Band as well as his work with other artists. Hear all about it in my exclusive interview with her.

Ozzy, a Little Person and Some Cold Cuts

Yes, you read that right. In this week’s Rock Talk, you’ll hear how these three things came together one night in Indiana to make for one of Ozzy’s craziest concerts ever. (Don’t forget to follow me @rickontk99 on Twitter for more fun stuff like this)

Kansas Speaks!

The iconic band has a brand new album out now – their first in 16 years! Hear from guitarist Rich Williams and new singer Ronnie Platt in this exclusive interview. Some cool stories are featured here and some discussion of their performances of the entire Leftoverture album in honor of its 40th anniversary.

Led Zeppelin’s Hair?

In today’s Rock Talk on-demand, find out why Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones wore a wig in the film The Song Remains the Same.

Talkin’ Bout Van Halen

Recently, I spoke with Greg Renoff, author of Van Halen Rising. In this interview, you’ll hear about Van Halen’s distaste for Journey, Gene Simmons’ distaste for David Lee Roth and the Van Halen brothers’ distaste for Dave’s vocals before he joined the band. This was a fun, informative chat. Enjoy.

BEATLES Producer Talks Exclusively to Us!

The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl is now available on cd and the sound is fantastic. All credit to producer Giles Martin (son of the legendary George Martin) for remastering the tapes and ensuring that we get to hear the Beatles from 1964 with stunning new clarity and depth. Ron Howard’s new film Eight Days a Week is also out now, so this week has been Christmas-like for fans of the Beatles. Listen here to my exclusive interview with Giles to hear how he interacts with Ringo and Paul and some cool stuff about how he came to work for the Beatles.

Tesla Guitarist Talks!

Recently, I talked with Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon about their new live album Mechanical Resonance Live, their work with Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen and the craziest guy they’ve ever partied with. We discuss David Lee Roth running in the snow too.

Here’s the new video of their collaboration with Phil Collen. Check it out!

Talking Eagles Classics

While you may not know the name Jack Tempchin, you’ve definitely heard his songs. He wrote this and this. He also wrote this and guess what? He wrote this too! Yeah, he’s written some amazing songs that have defined the 70s and 80s. He also has a brand new album out that you should hear, called One More Song. I spoke with Jack about his songs and some funny topics like what he thought of his song being bashed in The Big Lebowski.

Rockstar Aliases and Nicknames

When they need to be anonymous, rockers use goofy aliases. To identify each other internally among their bandmates, they’ll come up with bizarre nicknames for each other. Here are some funny and clever names for some of your favorite classic rock stars.

1966 – What A Year for Music

Mojo Magazine described it as the year “pop music exploded.” I put together a month-by-month audio snapshot. Check it out!

Foghat Talks

I spoke with Roger Earl, the original drummer from Foghat as well as guitarist Bryan Bassett this week. We talked about their new album, the making of the classic “Slow Ride” and Foghat wine?

Bun E. Carlos Speaks!

This week, I had a chance to chat exclusively with founding Cheap Trick drummer, Bun E. Carlos. We chat about his new album Greetings from Bunezuela and we even get into some behind the scenes talk about what Cheap Trick dealt with when going to Japan to record their classic At Budokan album. There was mass hysteria in Japan for them and Bun tells us what it was like to be a captive of their own fame.

Carl Palmer Talks ELP, Asia & More

Carl Palmer brings his tribute to his former band Emerson, Lake & Palmer to the Palace Theater in Eastwood this Saturday night. The show benefits the Spine Program of the Crouse Neuroscience Institute at Crouse Hospital, so please think about attending as this will be a great show for a great cause. In this interview, he and I talk about his former bands ELP and Asia and his (now late) band mate Keith Emerson.

Talking Toto & More

Recently, I chatted with keyboardist and songwriter Steve Porcaro, a founding member of Toto. He has a new album of his solo music coming out. We spoke about that, the music he’s written for Michael Jackson over the years, a song about actress Rosanna Arquette and (of course) about Toto coming to the Fair on August 26th for a free concert.

Talking with a Beatle!

Friday afternoon, I got to spend a little time with rock royalty. Ringo Starr and I chatted exclusively for a few moments about Sgt. Pepper and a potential Beatles reunion at Eric Clapton’s wedding. He only did ONE radio interview in Syracuse and this is it.

20 Years of Music & Beers (Part 7)

Here’s the seventh and final segment of our look back at two decades of the Taste of Syracuse. (Click this link and scroll down to hear parts one through six)

20 Years of Music & Beers (Part 6)

Here’s the sixth part of our look back at twenty years of the Taste of Syracuse.

20 Years of Music & Beers (Part 5)

Here’s part five of our look back at the last two decades of the Taste of Syracuse.

20 Years of Music & Beers (Part 4)

Here’s part four of our look at the Taste of Syracuse over the last two decades.

20 Years of Music & Beers (Part 3)

Here’s part three of our look back at the Taste of Syracuse.

20 Years of Music & Beers (Part 2)

Here’s the second segment of our Taste of Syracuse special.

20 Years of Music & Beers

The Taste of Syracuse turns twenty years old this year and we’re celebrating with a two-hour look back at the artists that have played (including some local stars). Get some great stories from those that have organized the Taste and hear some great tunes.

Randy Bachman Talks!

I recently spoke with guitar icon Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) and the Guess Who about the classic song “American Woman.” In this clip, he explains what the song is really about.

Songs Under Construction: Talking Heads Edition

In 1985, Talking Heads recorded Little Creatures which would turn out to be their best-selling album. Listen here as we go into the studio with them for an early, rehearsal version of the first track “And She Was.”

Songs Under Construction: Cheap Trick Edition

By now, you’ve probably heard the great news that Cheap Trick will be headlining this year’s Taste of Syracuse festival in Clinton Square. They will play a FREE show on Saturday night, June 4th on the main stage.

For this week’s Rock Talk, check out an early studio demo of their classic song “Surrender” which features singer Robin Zander having a little fun and the rest of the band joining in. Make sure you listen to the ending too.

This song just never gets old.

Songs Under Construction: Bad Company

In 1973, Bad Company was working on the song and album that would make them legends – “Bad Company.” Here, we trace the song as it goes from rough, early demo to finished masterpiece.

Songs Under Construction: Fleetwood Mac Edition

“Go Your Own Way” is a rock staple. A thumping beat, a guitar workout and a scorching set of anti-Stevie lyrics make this one of Lindsey Buckingham’s best. Here, we give you a taste of what it sounded like as a demo before it evolved into the classic that appeared on “Rumours.”

Dark Side of the Moon Turns 43

Here’s the final part of our tribute to the Pink Floyd masterpiece.

Dark Side of the Moon Turns 43

Here’s part two of our special tribute to the classic Pink Floyd album.

Dark Side of the Moon Turns 43

If you missed this past Saturday’s tribute to the iconic Pink Floyd album “Dark Side of the Moon,” check out part one of three here.

Songs Under Construction: Misunderstanding

Phil Collins is in the process of re-releasing all of his solo albums and he’s included some of his home demos as bonus tracks. One such track started life as a personal demo but was given to Genesis to record. Hear how “Misunderstanding” went from Phil’s rough demo (without any lyrics) to a staple of the Genesis catalog.

Songs Under Construction: Sledgehammer

This week, hear Peter Gabriel’s iconic “Sledgehammer” evolve from rough demos to the classic version we love from the So album. This is quite an evolution and I think you’ll dig this.

Songs Under Construction: Hello, I Love You

This week, check out the Doors’ very first demo, Hello, I Love You and hear how it moved from a rough sketch in 1965 to the classic we know from 1968.

Golden Years – A Celebration of Life & Rock and Roll Pt. 2

Here’s part two of our recent Golden Years special. Thanks for listening!

Golden Years – A Celebration of Life & Rock and Roll

If you missed the recent special celebrating the lives of David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Lemmy and Dale Griffin, catch part one here. It’s commercial-free too!

Songs Under Construction: Feels Like the First Time

Listen to this Foreigner classic in its naked, demo form. Then, hear how it ultimately evolved into what we know today.

It’s Been a Tough 2016 So Far

We’ve lost some great and legendary musicians recently. Heaven must be one heck of a rockin’ place right now. Can you imagine? Well, I tried to imagine what it would be like for Bowie to be the newest arrival. Who would he talk to first? How would he adapt? Here’s how I think it went…. To read the entire entry, CLICK HERE 

Jefferson Airplane’s 50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic band, guitarist/singer/songwriter Marty Balin joins me. Listen as we talk Airplane and Starship, whether you needed a license to allow people to dance in clubs in the 60s and other cool trivia. Marty has 2 new albums coming soon too.

Phil Collen Talks Def Leppard

Recently, I chatted with Def Leppard’s god of guitar (and fitness) Phil Collen. We talk about his new book Adrenalized: Life, Def Leppard and Beyond, his singing on “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and even his diet. This one is great for rock trivia junkies.

YES He Can

Iconic singer Jon Anderson (formerly of Yes) has teamed with virtuoso jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty to create some revolutionary new music on a cd/dvd called “Better Late Than Never.” I spoke with both of them about this new album as well as some classic Yes music in this exclusive interview.

Talking with a Legend

Want to hear something very cool? Here’s a clip of Crosby, Stills & Nash’s Graham Nash telling me who he’d sing with if he had one wish. It’s a great story about a legend singing with other legends. (Note: one of the guys he talks about died last year, so you can tell this was recorded prior to 2014)

Cheap Trick Bassist Talks Trivia

Years ago, I talked to Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson about a variety of things. He’s a great guy and in this clip, you’ll hear him discuss the classic “Heaven Tonight” album cover as well as whether Cheap Trick still gets those screaming crowds when they play Japan.

Bad Company in the House

This week, Rock Talk gets freaky. I spoke with Bad Company singer and rock legend Paul Rodgers. Listen to him describe the haunted house in which the first Bad Company album was recorded and its connection to Led Zeppelin. (Who had also just recorded there) Guaranteed to be something you’re hearing for the first time…and something you won’t forget.

Warren Haynes Talks Rock (& Capt. Kirk)

Warren Haynes has just released his third solo album “Ashes and Dust.” As with other WH material, it’s excellent. As a member of the Allman Brothers Band for many years, his guitar work has become legendary. (Not to mention Gov’t Mule and his work with the Dead)

Here, I talk with him about the album and how sometimes, he can have a song kicking around for up to 30 years before finally recording it. We also talk about how he got involved in playing on William Shatner’s album in 2011.

Warren plays Paper Mill Island in Baldwinsville August 8th.

Canine Carnival 2015

This week, I talk with a different type of rock star. Meteorologist Wayne Mahar has hosted the Canine Carnival for several years now and it continues to get bigger by the year. This year, the event takes place at Jamesville Beach Park on Saturday, August 8th. I’ll be one of the guest dogwalkers as we try and promote adoption and generate donations for the Priscilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation. Hope to see you there.

My thanks to Wayne for talking with me for a few minutes about the Canine Carnival.

Alice Cooper’s Supergroup

Did you know that Alice Cooper had some pretty famous drinking buddies like John Lennon and Keith Moon? He did. And they even jammed together and recorded the session. None of us have heard it. In fact, Alice doesn’t even know where the tapes are. Listen to him describe the session to me in this week’s clip. Man, I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall…

Pat Benatar on Dressing Up

This week, hear a clip of my talk with Pat Benatar in which she talks about how she got her signature look on stage. Hint: Halloween has something to do with it. (Pat plays Turning Stone on July 7th)

Talkin’ Moody Blues

Moody Blues bassist John Lodge will soon release his solo album “10,000 Light Years Ago.”  Recently, he and I chatted about how the Moody Blues got their singer, Justin Hayward and some other cool topics. 

Buffalo Springfield

This week, I chat with a rock legend and hall of famer. Richie Furay was a founding member of both Buffalo Springfield and Poco. He’s now a minister in Colorado but still stays in touch with his country and rock roots by regrouping with Stephen Stills, Neil Young and his other Buffalo Springfield bandmates from time to time. In this segment, we talk about how the iconic Buffalo Springfield was formed. Check it out!

Here’s Richie back in the day.

Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday

The legend himself would’ve hit the milestone of 70 this year. To celebrate, his family is releasing concert footage and other surprises throughout the year. Recently, I spoke with his son, Ziggy. Would Bob have an iPhone nowadays? What rock stars did Ziggy run into at the Grammys as he accepted his own award this year? These questions and more in my latest Talks Rock segment.

Rick Talks with Two Rock Drumming Icons

Earlier, I spoke with two legendary drummers, Carmine & Vinny Appice. They’re brothers and each has appeared on some of the most iconic music of the last 40 years. Carmine has played for Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart and Vanilla Fudge, while Vinny has played for Black Sabbath and Dio. Listen as we discuss their careers and their friendships with Hendrix, Dio, Pink Floyd and others. It’s unedited, so a couple of parts are NSFW.

Rick asking William Shatner why he recorded a Beatles song.

Here’s me asking William Shatner why he recorded a Beatles song.