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Get Off My LawnGet Off My Lawn

Paulie Scibilia takes a look back at the week that was. He will break down Sports and News with his odd perspective on the world.

I will bring you the best of what is going on in the sports world and news. There will be interviews and regular segments. I will also give you weird stories and videos from around the world.

Episode 9

This week on Get Off My Lawn Paulie goes LINsane, a cheerleading coach goes nuts, Whitney Houston goes on, the VCR goes away, and the three drug related death bands that should go on your iPod.

Episode 8

This week’s Get Off My Lawn is full of Muppet madness, a 13 year old who sees a record for the first time, talking dogs, Superbowl predictions and the three power¬†ballads that you should have on your iPod.

Episode 7

This week on Get Off My Lawn Paulie explains Steven Tyler’s singing, the dangers of sledding, school mascot naming, age restrictions on skimpy outfits and three solo success songs you should have on your iPod.

Episode 6

This week Paulie returns from a holiday¬†hiatus and exposes Van Halen’s new single, the Tim Tebow remix, how I Met Your Father, the man with a permanent semi and three Foo Fighters songs you better have on your iPod.

Episode 5

This week on Get Off My Lawn, Paulie weighs in on the separation of Tebow and State in schools, giant ocean farts, proof of the apocalypse, Jennifer Aniston, his Sound Bite of the Week, and three Nirvana songs you should have on your iPod.