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13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride

10/4 & 10/5 Ends 10/26 7 to 10 pm
New scenes, new scares. $6 to $16. Chengarian’s Tree Land, 84 Merritt Sr, Fulton 315-678-2046,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

FREE Mammograms Are Available

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among United States women, no matter your race or ethnicity. Many things affect a person’s chance of getting breast cancer, these are called risk factors. Some risk factors cannot be controlled and include being a woman, getting older, having dense breasts, having radiation to the chest area early in life, family history and genetics. However, the good news is that a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent cancer. It is important to see your health care provider for regular check-ups, eat healthy foods, get exercise, maintain a healthy weight, limit alcohol use and do not smoke.

Most women (about 8 out of 10) who get breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease. However, women who have close blood relatives like a mother or sister who have had breast cancer are at a higher risk themselves. About 5-10% of breast cancers are thought to be hereditary, meaning they result directly from gene defects passed on from a parent. The most common cause of hereditary breast cancer is inherited defective BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

Breast cancer may not cause any symptoms in its early stages. If symptoms do appear, they may include the following:
•a lump, hard knot, or thickening in the breast or underarm area
•new pain in one spot that does not go away
•nipple discharge that starts suddenly
•pulling in of the nipple or other parts of the breast
•dimpling or puckering of the breast skin
•any change in the size or shape of the breast
•swelling, warmth, redness, or darkening of the breast skin
•itchy, scaly sore, or rash on the nipple.

Routine screenings are an important step to help find breast cancer early. With early detection breast cancer is usually easier to treat and has better outcomes. A mammogram is the best test to detect breast cancer early.

Free mammograms are available through the Onondaga County Cancer Services Program (CSP) for women between the ages of 40 and 64 who do not have health insurance or who experience other barriers to completing their screenings, along with any necessary follow-up. Services are available at many healthcare provider sites throughout the city of Syracuse and Onondaga County. Call 315-435-3653 or visit the CSP website at to register for your free mammogram.

Whether you have health insurance or not, having a mammogram may save your life. Remember, if you are a woman between the ages of 40 and 64 and do NOT have health insurance, call 315-435-3653 to see if you qualify for a free mammogram. Take care of yourself this October and schedule your mammogram today!

Bridgeport Food Pantry’s Annual Election Day Italian Feast

11/5 12 pm to 7 pm
Dinner includes Spaghetti, Ziti, Meatballs, Sausage, Salad, Bread/Butter, Beverage and Dessert. Adults are $10, Senior Citizens $8, Children 5 to 12 are $5, and children under 5 are free. There will be music, over 30 raffles, and a bake sale as well. Featuring Dominick’s Restaurant’s famous spaghetti sauce and bread, meatballs by Ascioti’s, Gianelli Sausage and Dessert by Biscotti’s Cafe. The Bridgeport Food Pantry is affiliated with the CNY Food Bank and has been assisting area residents in parts of both Madison and Onondaga Counties for over 25 years. All proceeds to benefit the Bridgeport Food Pantry. St. Francis of Assisi Parish Center, 77820 Route 298, Bridgeport. For more information on this event or to purchase tickets please call the Pantry’s Director Patti Hendrick at 315-699-7976.

History Happy Hour

6/19 through 11/6 4:30 to 7 pm
Live music, food truck, cash bar, free admission to the museum and 1850 Weighlock Building. Free admission.Erie Canal Museum, 318 Erie Blvd East.

Rabies Notification & Clinic Schedule

OSWEGO COUNTY – The Oswego County Health Department will hold its first rabies clinic of the season Wednesday, March 27, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the County Highway Garage, 31 Schaad Drive, Scriba.
Judy Grandy, Director of Environmental Health for the Oswego County Health Department, said there have already been two confirmed rabid raccoons in Oswego County this year. “One raccoon was found in the town of Sandy Creek and the other was in the town of Hannibal,” she said. “The only exposure was to a pet dog that fought with one of the raccoons. Since it was vaccinated prior to the incident, only a rabies booster shot was required.”
Unvaccinated dogs, cats, and ferrets exposed to a rabid animal must be euthanized immediately or placed in strict isolation for six months. When a vaccinated pet is exposed to a rabid animal, the pet needs only to receive a booster shot.
Grandy said immunizing pets is the most effective way to protect humans and their pets from the rabies virus. The rabies virus is nearly 100 percent fatal to mammals and can infect any mammal. “Finding these rabid raccoons on opposite ends of the county also illustrates how widespread the rabies virus is,” said Grandy. “It is everywhere throughout Central New York.”
New York State law requires that all cats, dogs, and ferrets be vaccinated against rabies. The first rabies vaccine should be given at three months of age. Ferrets must be vaccinated annually. Dogs and cats require a second vaccination within one year of the first, and every three years thereafter.
In 2019 rabies vaccination clinics for pets will be held in the following locations during the spring, summer and fall:
– Scriba: Wednesday, March 27, 6 to 8 p.m., County Highway Garage, 31 Schaad Drive.
– Pulaski: Wednesday, April 24, 6 to 8 p.m., County Highway Garage, 957 Centerville Road.
– Parish: Wednesday, May 15, 6 to 8 p.m., County Highway Garage, 24 Dill Pickle Alley.
– West Monroe: Wednesday, June 12, 6 to 8 p.m., Town Highway Garage, 46 County Rte. 11.
– Granby: Wednesday, July 10, 6 to 8 p.m., Town Highway Garage, 820 Co. Rte. 8.
– Volney: Wednesday, Aug. 14, 6 to 8 p.m., Bristol Hill Landfill maintenance garage, 3125 State Route 3.
– Pulaski: Wednesday, Sept. 11, 6 to 8 p.m., County Highway Garage, 957 Centerville Road.
– Scriba: Wednesday, Nov. 6, 6 to 8 p.m., County Highway Garage, 31 Schaad Drive.
Owners should bring their pet’s last rabies vaccination certificate with them to the clinic.
The health department suggests a $7 donation per animal to help defray the clinic cost. Dogs should be leashed, and cats and ferrets should be in a carrier. Please leave sick pets at home.
Any time a person or pet comes in contact with a sick or suspicious-acting animal, the incident should be reported to the county health department as soon as possible. A bite or scratch on the skin should be washed immediately with soap and water.
To report a possible exposure, or for more information about rabies, call the Oswego County Health Department weekdays at 315-349-3564. In an emergency during evenings, weekends, or holidays, call the health department’s answering service at 315-341-0086.
Additional information about rabies can be found at

Makers Mart

4/20 10 am Ends 11/16
This is the City of Auburn’s monthly pop up market that brings together makers, finders, foodies, musicians as well as other creatives. Free admission. 315-258-9820.

Yoga with a Heart

1/19 through 11/16 10:30 to noon

Instructor Dara Harper( will conduct these alignment-based yoga classes. All skill levels welcome, and stay after class for a few minutes to enjoy a mini-tour led by an Everson docent. 1st class is free. Classes are $12 for members, $15 for non-members. Everson Museum, 401 Harrison St, Syracuse. 315-474-6064.

Rabies Vaccinations for Pets Offered in Madison County

Rabies Vaccinations for Pets Offered in Madison County

Wampsville, NY – Rabies continues to be a problem in New York State and in Madison County. Five animals (2 raccoons, 1 feral cat, and 3 bats) have tested positive for rabies this year in Madison County.

“Residents should play it safe. Avoid contact with wild animals and pets you don’t know,” said Environmental Health Director, Aaron Lazzara. “It is also important to make sure your pets are up to date on their rabies vaccinations. Protect yourself, your family, as well as your pet from rabies.”

Madison County Health Department holds rabies clinics for dogs, cats, and ferrets, free to County residents. Four rabies clinics remain for the year: October 9th at the Bridgeport Fire Department from 5-7pm, October 26th at the Wampsville Highway Department from 9am-noon, November 6th at the Smithfield Highway Department from 5-7pm, and December 7th at the Oneida Veteran’s Memorial Field from 9am to 11:30am. Voluntary donations are appreciated to help defray clinic costs. All animals must be at least 3 months of age. Restrain pets using a leash and collar, harness, cage or pet carrier.

If you have an unvaccinated pet that comes in contact with a rabid or suspected rabid animal, you may have to make the tough choice to either euthanize or quarantine your pet for six months at your own cost. Avoid making a difficult choice. Make sure your dog, cat or ferret’s rabies vaccination is up to date.

Public health law requires all dogs, cats and ferrets to be vaccinated by 4 months of age. A second vaccination must be given within one year of the first, and continually be kept up to date per Public Health Law. This typically requires a booster vaccination every three years for dogs and cats, and annually for ferrets.

If you are bitten, scratched, or have contact with any animal you believe to be rabid, immediately wash the wound. Seek medical attention if needed. Always report animal bites to the Madison County Health Department at 366-2526.

For upcoming rabies vaccination clinics, go to Madison County Health Department’s website or call 366-2526.

Rescheduled Rabies Clinics for Onondaga County

10/24 5 to 7 pm St. Lucy’s Church, 432 Gifford St, Syracuse NY 13204 (Was originally scheduled for Oct 5th)
12/12 5 to 7 pm North Syracuse Community Center, 700 South Bay Rd, North Syracuse 13212 (Was originally scheduled for Dec 7th)

Veteran Employment Services/Easterseals

Veterans/Serving those who served: Focused on military veterans, Assisting veterans with disabilities, No cost for any services, Caring and supportive staff, Professionals that have helped people to address barriers to employment.

Housing/If you are: Homeless, Sleeping in a friend’s couch, Staying in a shelter, Living in a dorm, At risk of losing housing, or behind on rent or utilities.

Employment/Staff can help with: Criminal background, Being fired from jobs, Gaps in work history, Bad resumes, Not knowing where to find jobs, and filling out applications.

Please call 315-760-5800 for more information, their office is located at 109 S. Warren St, Suite 311, Syracuse, NY