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November 17, 2014
20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Presentation

NUMBER ONE: Yours truly, dumb me, for buying into the Mark Sanchez hype and starting Philly’s QB this week in my fantasy league. Even though I’m sure he’s a fine gentleman, I didn’t like him when he was a Jet, and I don’t care for him as an Eagle…NUMBER TWO: NBA star Lance Stephenson, for slapping HIMSELF in the face and feigning a foul during an NBA game. We’ve heard of beating Continue Reading »

Ricks Blog
October 4, 2014

Last year, I spoke with Supertramp’s legendary singer Roger Hodgson, the great voice of “School,” “The Logical Song” and countless others. He’s been solo now for many years and tours the globe doing his solo material and classic Supertramp songs. We chatted about the “Breakfast in America” album and other stuff here.